Window blinds: which style is best for you?

Roman, roller, vertical or venetion? Deciding on the right blinds can be tricky. Interior design expert James Treble helps find a good fit for your home.

When it comes to window treatments, there are many different looks and styles out there. Blinds are one of the most popular because they’re affordable, come in many styles and colours, and suit many needs, from blocking out light and heat to providing privacy. To decide which is best for your home and why you should select one blind type over another, I’ve narrowed it down to four basic styles so you can make the right choice for you and your family. Put a little thought into what you need in each room of the house and don’t forget that window blinds can, of course, be seen from inside and out!


By far the most popular style, roller blinds provide an easy up-and-down motion, allowing maximum light to flood in. They are usually fitted inside a window reveal or casement and suit the modern, mess-free aesthetic. Simple roller blinds are also well priced so the consumer benefits.

There are a few different fabric types to choose from. Transparent Blinds are sheer and allow you to have a clear view outside during the day while those outside can’t easily see in. But at night when the lights are on, the opposite occurs, so it’s common for people to use a “dual blind”. Translucent Blinds are light filtering and allow the light to flood in. As you can’t see through them, they provide privacy both day and night. BlockOut Blinds have a backing for total privacy. They block out all light so are great for keeping morning sun out of bedrooms, as well as heat and cold.


Made from fabric, roman shades roll up and down in wide horizontal panels, pulled by cords on one side. They are a popular choice to soften the look of a window and the room in general. Often teamed with curtains, they provide insulation for windows so work very well in cooler climates. Fabric provides endless options for you to match the patterns and designs in your bedding or soft furnishings. There are also many designs in lightweight sheer fabric, such as cotton and hemp, which are the perfect choice for coastal homes or ones with a relaxed, beachy feel. Roman shades are convenient because you can precisely adjust the amount of light entering a room at any time of the day plus they help keep sound levels down in busy households.



Hanging from the top on a slide-out track, vertical blinds are actually quite practical as the blades can be angled to provide privacy when allowing light to penetrate. Modern designs don’t have problems with their beading like the ones of old; instead there’s a weight in the base of each vertical blade, which makes them sit and look better than earlier versions.



Enjoying a recent resurgence, the humble venetian blind has a clean horizontal blade that now comes in a more sleek profile and choice of narrow or wider blades. Venetians can also work in every room of the house. PVC and aluminium designs are a practical option for wet areas. Timber venetians are a cost-effective alternative to plantation shutters while still providing that popular horizontal-blade look.


Add style to your windows with roller blinds

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Roller blinds are an excellent way to add style to your windows without having to do any lengthy or expensive alterations. They are relatively easy to fit, come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, designs and sizes and are suitable for any room in your home. A roller blind can transform the way your window looks and also enhance your interior design scheme. As you can see in the pictures, found on Elite Blinds, there are suitable roller blinds for every room of your home, from minimalistic and plain designs to the more elaborate and embellished.


An extremely versatile way to add style to your home – roller blinds are one of the most simplest and effective ways to dress up your windows, creating pleasant focal points. They function very well and can be made from many different materials. Your choices are huge and include everything from sheer fabric such as voiles to PVC and black out roller blinds. Choosing a roller blind style will depend on your personal taste and which room it is to be used in. Each roller blind is an attractive addition to your window dressing and also has practical features that make it a fantastic choice for the home.


Many companies offer bespoke roller blinds and will assist you with their knowledge and experience. For example a PVC roller blind may be best for a bathroom where the air is often damp or moist and a black out blind could be the ideal purchase for a bedroom to help minimize light. Blinds can be made to match your décor with added finishing touches such as braiding or patterns to bring extra interest and color. Roller blinds are a great choice for those harder to fit windows or simply to compliment your own style, taste and interior design theme.

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Hunter Douglas to launch ‘green’ roller blinds

hunter douglasHunter Douglas, a Netherland-based manufacturer of window coverings, is set to launch the first sun control system made from recycled bottles.

The GreenScreen, a new innovation in the field of light and energy control, is expected to generate regional interest, said a statement.

The new collection is developed with sustainable materials. GreenScreen Eco consists of 100 per cent recyclable polyester fibres, while the GreenScreen Revive materials were produced from recycled plastic bottles.

André Weiss, who was responsible for the development of GreenScreen, said: “Every year, around 20 million sq m of used roller blind materials end up in the garbage. These materials often contain large amounts of PVC, so their potential impact on the environment is huge. GreenScreen is a sustainable alternative, thanks to the use of PVC-free and completely recyclable materials.”

The product line offers an affordable alternative to architects and interior designers in search of a sustainable, decorative sun control solution, he said.

“The thread that goes into this fabric is made from PVC-free, recycled plastic water and soft drink bottles. To do this, Hunter Douglas works with waste processing companies in Japan and Germany, where these products are commonly separated from the waste flow. Every square metre of material contains two half-litre bottles. That’s an average of six bottles for every roller blind,” Weiss added.

All of the GreenScreen product lines are compliant with the internationally recognised Greencode classification scheme for environmentally-friendly textiles. They also contribute to the LEED certification of buildings, said the statement.