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Honeycomb blinds keeping homes well insulated and energy efficient

Blinds and window covers specialist AustralianWindowCovering explains how the right window treatment can keep a home well insulated while also saving energy for the homeowner. Energy-efficient window treatments such as honeycomb blinds are designed to address both functional and aesthetic objectives, making them a popular choice in the window decoration market. As energy cost continues […]

Power Up your Window Covering

In the past five years, the most dramatic developments in the window covering industry have come in the area of motorisation. As we move into an era of smart homes that enable the occupier to operate anything in the home from a remote control or from a device  such as an iPad or smartphone, window […]

Home Automation With Smart Phone Apps

  Summary: You can also manually control aspects of heating and cooling, through the smart phone app. A lot of luxury homes jumped at the first opportunity of automation — remote controls to draw and close blinds, set up mood lighting. Automation can cut power to those phantom load appliances saving money on your monthly […]

Dressing oddly shaped or large windows

If constructing or buying a house, one of the biggest decor headaches can be dressing your windows, especially since they come in all shapes and sizes. Well nowadays, this should not be a problem. A variety of solutions exist for any window type or shape. From a range of blinds, to shutters or curtains, no […]

Homebase recall blind after child safety fears

  Homebase customers have been warned of a potential safety issue on a model of Bamboo Roll Up Blinds. The company have stressed that there have been no incidents reported, but the pull cord breakaways on the blinds are too strongly locked, which could pose a risk of strangulation to young children as the force […]

Electronic Blinds for Your Home and Office

Having window blinds make the perfect appliance for your windows. These things have helped control light entering the room and maintain privacy for years since they were invented. Nowadays, innovation has led to the production of electronic window blinds. These window blinds can be remotely operated through a control. You can have the same benefits […]