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Window treatments control light, add style

Window coverings are essential and need to be done right. To achieve a custom, professional look, you’ll need help from experts. We can come into your home to give you help. If your home is in need of window treatments here are a few things to consider. 1. Blinds versus curtains: There are several different kinds […]

Design with style: consider vertical blinds

Sliding doors and French doors provide an interesting entrance while allowing more light to enter a living space. Natural light, usually viewed as a positive, can become a problem when the sun is in your eyes during dinner or breakfast. It also can affect the screens on your TV or monitors. Many times the consumer doesn’t think about the damage that […]

Success for Sophia’s Cause campaign: Ikea to stop selling blinds with cords

Swedish furniture giant Ikea has said it will no longer sell window blinds with cords. Cords from blinds have been associated with the deaths of young children, including Gloucestershire’s Sophia Parslow, through strangulation. Sophia’s mum Amanda O’Halloran, from Tirley, was left devastated when her 17-month-old daughter died by accidentally hanging herself on the blind cord […]

Ikea to stop selling blinds with cords

Pose too much danger to toddlers By Emma Woollacott, Oct 2, 2015 Updated: October 2, 2015 7:34 AM Ikea has promised to stop selling window blinds with cords in an effort to improve childsafety. As of today, it’s stopped selling them in the US, and says it plans to discontinue them internationally by the end […]

Toddler died after hanging himself on cord of window blind

Thirteen-month-old Johnny Doran was pronounced dead at the John Radcliffe Hospital Photo: ITV Meridian   A toddler died by accidentally hanging himself on the cord of a window blind in his parents’ bedroom, an inquest heard. Thirteen-month-old Johnny Doran was found suspended above the ground next to the window by his father Martin, 35, when he […]

Window Covering Can Help Cut Your Energy Costs

  SAN DIEGO, CA–(Marketwired – Sep 11, 2015) –  Are you concerned about your carbon footprint? Or maybe you are just concerned about how high your utility bills have been because of the recent heat wave in Southern California. Recent studies demonstrate that up to 40% of our energy costs are spent on heating and cooling […]