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‘Inquisitive’ two-year-old girl strangled to death by blind cord after it wrapped around her neck as she looked out of the window.

Sophie Allen, 2, was found hanging from a cord in her bedroom Inquest hears cord wrapped around her neck while she looked out of bedroom window Coroner Derek Winter demands more to be done to prevent future deaths Says millions of families could have deadly blind cords in their homes A coroner has demanded the […]

More comfortable summers

  Q: Will solar blinds really keep my home cooler in summer? We have two large bay windows and I was looking at installing some Krumpers solar blinds or perhaps some awnings. I’m skeptical about the blinds since they still let heat inside the glass. A: Your plan is a great way to reduce heat […]

Shuddering at California shutters

Q: My girlfriend and I recently bought a condo. It’s a two bedroom in an older building, with fairly large rooms and windows. We don’t consider it our forever address, but we will be here for at least five years. That said, we need advice on our window coverings. Neither of us are really drapery […]

Add style to your windows with roller blinds

Posted in Smart home | by Lynn Roller blinds are an excellent way to add style to your windows without having to do any lengthy or expensive alterations. They are relatively easy to fit, come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, designs and sizes and are suitable for any room in your home. A […]

Spring has sprung

  One of the most definitive and exciting signs of spring is when we are popping freshly cut daffodils into our favourite vase and positioning right in the centre of our table.  An instant pop of colour giving a fresh and renewed look after a long dark winter. If we were to define the “spring […]

It’s Hip to Be Square!

As Huey Lewis once sang… It’s Hip to Be Square! Since the time of ancient Greece, geometry has been at the foundation of design. The order and logic of geometry has allowed it to replicated and understood by everyone.  The use of geometry has created some iconic architectural masterpieces like The Pantheon in Rome. Taking […]


Deva blinds are very pleased to announce that we have a UK supplier for shutters. Paul Pollard-Fraser, owner of Deva blinds said “I am really pleased that Luxaflex are able to manufacture shutters in their factory in Birmingham.  Before we had to wait 12 weeks for the slow boat from China.  Lot’s of my customers […]